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Hello, I have a Geo Tracker 4 door 97, 1.6L . I have it for 5 years now and every years the same problems again, It idle very bad and low, and sometimes stop. Every time I went to the mechanics they change the spark plugs and wires and it was ok, last year doesn't fix this problem so I search and found how to clean the throttle body and it was fix again but this time, I changed the spark plugs, (not the wires this time), they are new from last year. I cleaned the throttle and add a cleaner in the tank for injector but still running as an old farm tractor when at idle. The air filter seems ok. I recently went in USA crossing the adirondack mountains with it with very long and hard hill to climb and the problem start after this trip.
I want to sell it and I want it to be fix before. I wish someone here have an idea of what should I do to make it run OK at idle.

Let me know

Thanks a lot
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