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I'm looking to buy my first Samurai but would rather have an automatic transmission with solid highway capabilities. (70+) I recently lost my '89 Toyota Land Cruiser J60 to a hail storm and want to replace it with a similar style tin top Samurai.

I sadly know very little about car machanics and have a few questions about the automatic conversion kit sold by Trail Tough. Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit

Assuming my Samuri has a 1.6 engine, is it as simple as taking the conversion kit and a sidekick or tracker auto transmission to my mechanic, and he then has all the necessary parts to perform the conversion?

Second, if I purchased this Samurai 1987 Suzuki Samurai JX that has a '95 1.6 Sidekick engine installed, would The same TT conversion kit work?

Lastly, if I want a Samurai that is more geared towards highway and city life than off-road, what engine and transmission set up is most desirable?

I'm comfortable spending a total of $10-$12k on the car and upgrades.

Thanks for any help and advice you can give me,

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