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Hi all,

With deepest regrats I will be giving up my Zuki Carry 1987 but rather than have it be scrap metal, I want to see if any of you are interested in buying it at scrap value about US$2000. The reason being is that the windows have 3M film of 70% tinting, electronic timing and performance coil, plus 5 speed transmission. All these added together cost me about US$4000, so I'm just recovering the parts and the body I'm giving Free.

I bought the full gasket set and the master brake pump, but had not time to fix it. It comes with 3 rows of seats. Front 2, center individual foldable or removed by unscrewing 4bolts, and a 3 seater long bench which is also foldable or removed.

Let me know, US$2000 negotiable but only a little, hope you understand.

Daniel from Singapore
email me if interested :)
[email protected]
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