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I am having a bugger of a time finding parts for my Epica LT. Nobody other than the dealership seems to carry parts for her. I even have to call my mechanic a day before I bring her in for basic maintenance so he can order filters, et cetera.

Does anybody have a good parts store they go to which carries parts for Verona/Epica?
(with a website/online shopping or local to Toronto)

I'm actually looking for a K&N air filter which obviously the Chev and Suzuki dealers do not stock. Employees in every parts store I go to look at me like I am speaking chinese when I ask for what I am looking for. And every online parts store I can find does not stock anything other than coloured light bulbs and o2 sensors... Oh yeah... And I found a Lamborghini-Style door kit. STILL NO AIR FILTER!!!!

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