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My wife has a 2 dr / 87 Samuri / 50K+ miles. The engine is idling real rough and all most stalls at times. This just developed out of the blue and the sammy is NOT used as a daily driver but is used around the house and local roads. With in the past 6 months I have done the items listed below mainly just due to maintenace and nothing to do with trying to fix the problem.

1) New spark plug wires
2) New spark plugs
3) New rotor and distr. cap
4) New altenator
5) New air filter

The rough idle will tend to clear as you give the it more gas. Just driving it in the pasture and really getting on it in 1st or 2nd you can not tell there is any kind of stalling problem. The little guy will really get up and go when doing this. So it seems to run pretty decent when going through the gears.
Here is what I have done to try and FIND the problem and not just throw parts at it.

Check all CYC to make sure they are firing under a idle - OK. (timing light)
Check all vacuum hoses for leaks - I have a ultra sound leak detector. - OK
Took off the EGR valve - cleaned and it seems to be working and not stopped up.
Checked timing under a idle - 10deg - OK (also not really jumping around)
Inspected Dist cap / rotor/ spark plug wiring / wiggled all elec connections.
Checked voltage out of Alt during a idle and rev condition - OK.
I am just about to the point of removing the timing belt cover to inspect it>:mad:

At this point my back is against the wall and any help is greatly app :) !!!!

I have been really trying to determine if this a gas issue or spark. Since it
really runs well going through the gears I am leaning on some sort of emmision device or idle control that effects the carb. I am some what versed on the items on the eng. I also have a 95 Suz. Side kick and have worked on it alot.

Thanks for any help guys - I sure need it at this point.

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there is a spring on the carb that sometimes you have to adjust. my friend just did it today to his. i dont know exactally where it is but i can try to get him to tell me so i can get that information to you. also check your vacume lines. i have a great procedure that will help you with that. just sedn me your e-mail and i'mm send it to you if i can find it.
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