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I recently contacted SUPERCHIPS here in the UK and had a response to the effect that they 'do not have a modification for your vehicle'.

The email came from a guy in technical sales called Constantin Tsitsis, sounds Greek to me, anyway his email address is below.

Can I suggest all those who would like a SUPERCHIP email him at the below address it might just get them to change their mind.

Looking though their list my guess is that a chip for the IGNIS would release between 5hp and 15hp for about £300 fitted and would increase torque by a similar amount.

SUPERCHIPS have great reputation and have been around a long time, a chip from them would be a safe way to release a few more bhp and because its hidden in the ECU there shouldn't be a problem with the warranty. I know my dealer has said fitment of aftermarket parts will invalidate the warranty so a chip is a bit less obvious than a big K & N induction kit etc etc

Email them here....

[email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts