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Hi I have an Alto 2012 came out to start it this mornig.. notice that the fuel light didnt come on the dash and there is a yellow steering wheel with exclamation mark next to it on.. plugged in my ECB diagnostic tool.. no faults in the DTC . and then while it was still plugged noticed all the usual das lights on fuel etc... and it starts... when I unplug fuel light goes off but car still running! weird.. switch off car wont start again no fuel light lights showing etc.. but as soon as I plug the diagnostic device alll lights come on she starts and runs as normal.. any ideas? I have checked fuses.. all working non blown.. is it a relay fault and if so which one.. is it the relays in the engine bay or cabin

The only other thing I do have a Cobra alarm that was fitted professionally three years ago.. to operate doors as well set the alarm.. never had a problems with it before.. but wondered if that could be the fault?

Any ideas.. by the way I am retired mechanic..
1 - 2 of 4 Posts