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Building my second samurai its going to be another yj spoa setup from trail tough. I bought used springs on my last samurai and cant get the ride quality out of the suspension as I want. I as well never gained the supposed clearence for 33's as stated on tt website. On this rig I am buying new and starting fresh.

1) Done Some research but what are your opinons on building custom packs from 2 sets of yj springs? How exactly do you build the optimum pack for my samurai?Could local spring shop build them for me?

2) Found a Company ALCAN Spring who says they specialize in custom offroad springs anyone had them build a set of custom yj's springs for them?

3) when bolting the springs down on this kit there are three holes on my perches which ones should I use. On my old rig I used the center holes all the way around. On this one should I use the front most forward hole for the front and the rearest hole for the rear?

4) Also bought yukon 4.57 gears what type of highway speeds will i be able to run with my 31,s right now I can get up to about 55-or 60 max according to garmin

any info would be appreciated thanks
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