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Hello everyone!

I searched this forum for topic(s) regarding best choices on buying a second-hand Samurai, as well as advices on what to look-out for when buying, to avoid getting a problematic car.
But I could not find anything complete, so I started this topic.

Essentially, there are two main questions regarding the purchases of a second-hand Samurai:

1.] What are the differences between different model years and possibly different editions of the Samurais? I am asking this mostly in the context of the European market, as that is where I live.

For example, what is the best engine type, in which model years was it used, which series of the cars (if any) were problematic in some segments, are the Santana models better than genuine Suzukis, and which aspects, etc.

Also, are the "coily" models better than the "leafy" models, and in which respect and in which situations, etc.

P.S.: The indended usage would be a standard on-road & off-road use (no competitive off-roading, extensive modifications, off-roading extremism etc.). The only significant modifications which I would be interested in applying are the differential lockers and possibly a small lift.

2.] What to look out for when buying a Samurai?

What are the key elements of the car which should be inspected before the purchase (and how to inspect them?), what are the symptoms of problems and how to recognize them, is it possible to connect the car (or certain models only) to computer diagnostics (which?) to check for faults (for example, lambda probe issues etc.) and so on.

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