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There was one thread here before about customized air intake, but never heard
about customized exhaust system. I know some of us here changed their mufflers
to emit a louder, muscle-car sound, but I don't know the effect on engine efficiency
& fuel consumption. Planned to change mine also just to have that "macho effect"
but I think I cannot hear my sounds well if I do that.

I've heard of a fuel saving device which is coupled to your inlet air hose.
It increases the "turbulence" effect which they claim is effective to have a
better combustion since the inlet air is more active upon reaching the inlet
chamber. Haven't tried it yet though.

Sorry for diverting the topic but if any of you guys know about customizing
your exhaust system, please share them here.

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Had mine installed last week, 2.4k here in cainta rizal. Supper Carry Dropside
3cyl. 12valve, carb. Had to change it because the original one has rusted already. The setup is shown below, sorry don,t know to attach
picture here.

aux(700) is (accdg. to the muffler man) for fuel economy and power. Personally I did'nt find any difference, I just let him install him for the purpose of dual filtering since my engine is already burning oil. Its not Stainless steel.

The muffler(1.5k) is stainless steel (verified it with a magnet) and has a 4" opening. Additional 200 for cleaning the connecting pipe.

Performance? Well, it does give your carry a muscle effect :)

1st clamp ]----##aux##---(pipe)---[][]||muffler||[][]
from tailpipe

does any of u guyz have a customize exhuast system
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