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Hi everyone
I have a '93 1.6L 8V manual trans 2 door Tracker

I bought it with a trashed dashboard and a stolen stereo.

I rewired the A/C myself:
From the ignition key, a wire powers the dashboard A/C switch which goes to an additional relay that powers the pressure switch, then the compressor and the front fan.

I then added a wire from the dashboard A/C switch to the VSV as increase revs while the A/C is on (I still have to properly test and rewire the A/C amplifier circuit board).

However the A/C doesn't seem to cool much despite:
Having removed the compressor, checked for leaks, added the proper oil amount to the compressor
Tried an R12 replacement
Tried an R134+additive (helps a little bit, but not much)
Checked the pressures (and they're fine)
Vacuum evacuated the lines
Properly cleaned the dryer with solvent (I couldn't find a new, identical replacement dryer here)
I tried another compressor

But, even at high engine speeds the A/C doesn't cool much in warm weather.

Any ideas?
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