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I have a 1993 Geo tracker that I'm Parting out. The 4.3l Vortec was installed using a Suzuki Lightning Kit. No hack Job Here. It is White and pretty straight body and paint wise. There is a small wrinkle behind the passenger door but would only need a minimal amount of body work to correct. Low Miles since upgrades. It is only missing the transmission and Transfer Case. I used them in My k10. Had a 700r4 and is setup for an Atlas 2 Twin Stick. I Still have the Mounting Hardware for it. Just seeing if anyone is interested in these parts because as crazy as this sounds no one in Tucson wants these parts. My username on this forum is the same as my eBay name and you can see I have a 100% feedback rating and have been a member for 13 years. I will be getting photos tomorrow.
*Vortec 4.3l, Custom Intake Manifold, MPFI-no spider injection, GM 6.5l Diesel Turbo-Jet coated, Stand Alone Factory Harness- Computer Flashed to Syclone Program, Wideband, 3" Turboback full exhaust, Cold air Intake, A/C, PS, ETC, Runs on Alcohol, 14 PSI, Emissions Compliant.
* Suzuki Lightning Tracker/Sidekick V6 kit. This is the full kit to install the Vortec V6, 700r4, atlas 2 Transfer case.
* Heavy Duty Driveshafts, Balanced- Cost 700 to build them
* Calmini Anvil Front Third Member Housing , Axles have 50 miles on them, Suzuki Grand Vitara 4.30 Steel Third Member-Not the Aluminum wimpy one.
* Ford 9" Rear Axle, 4.30 gear, Drum Brakes.
* Core support fitted with front mount intercooler, Ron Davis Race Radiator, Electric Fans, Correct Bumper, Grill Etc fitment. Front Bumper unbolts to fit in a car hauler, Look Factory from the front, No damage to the front end at all.
* Good interior. Pretty clean. Most of it is damage free.
* 2x4 Frame converted to 4x4
* Clean Tub- One Small Wrinkle on the Lower Passenger Rear Quarter Panel just behind the door. Easily fixable.
* 31 Inch Tires, 5X5.5 15" Rims. Cheap Chrome Wagon Wheel looking rims.
* Calmini Front Stabilizer Shock Kit.
* Mile Marker Manual Locking Hubs
Probably a few other Things I forgot but will double check when I get some Photos. This thing was built to Move. I will make a Smoking deal on it to take the whole thing. It only needs a transmission-Could use a GM TH350 and a transfer case. The only Problem is simply that a normal chevy NP Series or the like is to large to fit under the tracker. If you figure out how to put a smaller transfer case in That won't grenade under 14 PSI then you could drive it. I have to check but my buddy might even have the TH350 and driveshaft for 2WD. You just wouldn't have 4WD. That TH350 was originally built to go behind an 850 HP twin Turbo 5.4L Navigator Motor. It's Built to Take some serious abuse.
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