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Hey guys. I have used this forum sever times looking for information and have always been able to find something to point me in the right direction until now. A big thank you to everyone that takes the time to help and post all the information and advice.
I recently bought a 98 Tracker 1.6L 16v with automatic trans that was blowing white smoke out of the exhaust. The smoke didn't have the sweet smell like coolant and smelled more like oil burning, which I thought was kind of odd. There was no water in the oil. I pulled the plugs to take a look and #1 and #2 had oil on them. I unbolted the exhaust manifold and #1 and #2 was extremely oily but #3 and #4 were normal.
My first thoughts were head gasket or rings so I pulled the head and the gasket wasn't leaking. The #1 and #2 cylinders were covered with oil and had a decent amount of build up from the previous owner driving it in that condition. I dropped the oil pan and didn't find any broken rings or metal shavings. The cylinders don't have any scratches or groves in them and the pistons are snug and the rings don't seem to be stuck or damaged.
Could someone tell me what I'm overlooking and how the oil could be getting into the cylinders? The engine ran great, started easy, and didn't seem to be bogging down or misfiring as far as I could tell.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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