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Have a 98 Esteem GLX wagon and the driver's seat busted about midsection on both sides. Have searched auto brokers around the area and not finding any used ones.

I ride solo moth the time and don't suppose I can remove the back seat portion of the passenger side and replace on the drivers side?

Are there any good aftermarket Driver's Seat replacements, preferably without that metal piece for the seat belt attachment? That thing digs into my thighs, and long drives makes it overly irritating.

The passenger seat is rarely ever used... too bad can't swap it over but am sure there wold be problems, and seat adjustment distance from the steering wheel might also be an issue.

Also tempted to see about getting a 110V welder and see if I can just repair the broken weld points so I can have the seat back. Currently have it blocked up with the spare donut and some blankets for cushioning and a foam wedge. Don't care to be doing it this way, but I cannot find a used seat anywhere near Payette, Idaho area.

Ideas, comments, suggestions are welcome.
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