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Ok I bought a 94 geo tracker with 8 valve 1.6. I have gone through it new fuel pump, fuel filter, computer, ignition control module, plugs, wires, cap, 02 sensor, timing belt, and idler. Timed it #1/#4 tdc. It will turn over but will not start. I'm getting fire and fuel, but won't start. Any suggestions would be awesome.

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for sure easy for sure 1 of 3 things: bad motor bad spark bad fueling.
if you had done the compression test and unplugged the fuel pump
wed be a #2 spark.

you started your own post , great and are very welcome to do so.
8v no start , see my no start page?

ok cranks fast.
but after changing any timing belt i check compression. as validation. (even on jug 1)
a 5min test......
after all no EFI or spark will run any bad engine. bad engine is first.

it's got fire,
ok, that means what? zero to me but below does...
a: spark at each of the NEW x4 new spark J plug gapped to .028? no queer plugs. just normal Jplugs. no surface fire. bs.
b: timed to near 0 TDC , with a timing light (they work even cranking)

my guess is:
in this order as always
bad engine, timed wrong, and compresson not at 150psi wot x4
spark timed wrong. (open hood, look up,see tag see spark spec. 5deg?btdc?
or wires layed down wrong.

or using the HAynes lies,,,, do not use haynes books, see my timing page .

if flodding? then remove the fuel pump realy or disconnect the pinkwire connector
behind the the left rear tail lamp
then crank WOT to dry out the motor.
once dry. use test fuel only , once it runs on test fuel then put back the pink pump
crawl then walk then run. see?


a bad motor can be
EGR stuck wide open. killing the induction side.
solution, close it,then defeat it for testing. (clean it first)
or a 100% melted and clogged CAT, (rendering engine useless)
solution,drop the header collector flang and start now.

the haynes and other rags get this wrong.
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