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94 GEO Tracker, 2-door, Soft Top, 215K Miles, “Diesel”, $8000.00

This is a highly customized Diesel Tracker; this is not ideal for some one with no mechanical inclination who thinks it will be a fun weekend driver that you occasionally run down to a random local garage for work. I believe that she is a strong and reliable vehicle, the last four years that I have spent building, tinkering on her and making modifications has, in my opinion, been very successful. However it also means that your mechanic needs to be creative and able to work on several different vehicle makes and models at the same time. Parting with the vehicle due to a divorce, need to sell in the next six months before my next deployment.

Geo manual 5-Speed Transmission, High, Low, 4X4 transfer case.
Stage 2 SPEC heavy clutch (stock “heavy duty” clutches slip due to motors high torque output)
4.62 Front and rear differentials (allows for lower RPM with Diesel)
Geared speedo converter, speedometer reads accurately with P235/75R15 Tires
2” Suspension Lift (struts, shocks, and springs, not a block or body lift), Manual Hubs, Aluminum Rims
Custom Heavy Steal front and rear Bumpers with rear swing arm Tire, Hi-Lift Jack, and 2.5gal Gas Can from Zuk’s Off Road.
ACME Diesel Conversion Kit (engine mounts, transmission adapter, exhaust adapter, alternator conversion, high torque starter, and many other custom parts)
1.9L VW Turbo Diesel (31k miles on 1.9 Long Block), (this is the mechanical 1.6 to 1.9 conversion block)
Bosch Rotary Injection Pump (Mechanical Fuel Injection, no computer)
Rebuilt heavy duty Garret turbo with front mounted intercooler (31k miles since rebuild)
2 stage cooling fan, Double core racing radiator
External Oil Cooler, Air Scoop Hood for better heat dissipation and engine hood clearance.
Mini-Cooper Power Steering Pump
Snorkel Air Intake with stock K&N Air Filter
Custom large sized exhaust with Diesel Catalytic Converter and Muffler
Fully functioning instrument cluster, including tachometer, and indicator lights.
Three gauge instrument cluster includes Oil pressure, Turbo PSI, and EGT Pyrometer.
Fully working stereo with kicker speakers and single sub-woofer under driver’s seat. Working blower, good heat, but no AC.

At 3k RPM’s in fifth gear she runs about 72mph, so you can comfortably run highway speeds with the current size tires and gear ratios. Even in the desert heat of southern Nevada I have never had any overheating problems. When pushing up a heavy grade at speed I see around 1050 EGT’s, but most the time I see around 400 to 800 in town and on level highway. The turbo only pushes 5 to 10 PSI on the highway, usually around 5 PSI when cruising at 70mph. This is a strong little Tracker, highly customized to run strong and efficient for a long time. With all the modifications, she is heavy for a tracker, but I still get 28 mpg with mixed highway and around town driving.

This vehicle has lived in the South West Desert areas most of its life. No rust, strait, one or two small door dings. She will eventually need a new paint job. She needs a new top.

The one mechanical concern I have at this time that you may need to address soon is the clutch pedal. The shaft on the clutch’s pedal broke at the end where the clutch cable attaches. I did a quick repair, but I honestly don’t know how strong it is. It may need to be replaced or a new one fabricated by a welder or metal shop before you go somewhere that you don’t want to break down at. If the repair fails you will lose the ability to disengage the clutch and might find your self starting up and driving home in first gear.

If you are actually interested, [email protected]
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