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well heres the deal, i bought the car off a guy at my dads work for 700 bucks, thinking i could have a decent off roader/first car for cheap, the thing ended up having some mechanical issues that set me back a good amount to get it to run right and ended up putting me out of a car, so im trying to get rid of it quick cus im trying to get a baja bug off another guy. heres the details

92 sidekick
4 door
16 valve

the good
JUST clutch redone
new wires (less than a month old)
tires still look ok
all the panels are in pritty good condition
interior looks ok

the bad
not running, last time i drove it it was smoking and making some noises, i think the smokes from a bad valve gasket, the noises i have no clue.
brakes are shot
not registered

I really hate getting rid of the thing, i had a **** load of fun in this car, bad **** donuts in the mud, climbed most all of the local motorcycle hills, and only got stuck once. would be a great parts car cus other than the engine problems it not in bad shape, i just dont have the money and im looking for diffrent project anyways. only looking for like 250 obo, pick up only, email me if you want to buy it. [email protected].
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