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1992 Samurai JL with 27,000 miles on it.
While driving the engine just stopped running.

Tested by squirting starting fluid in the TB and it fired for a few seconds.

Pulled a fuel line that connected to the base of the TB and fuel came out.
I did a search on the forum here but couldn't find the same issue posted...yet.

I haven't had to do any repairs to this car before so I'm a newbe when it comes to a TB and the electronics I see attached to it.

Hopping for some guidance what to start testing.


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Probably the ECM went bad. It is a common issue in EFI samurais.
The capacitors on the ECM circuit board cause the problem. They start leaking and either stop working and/or damage the traces on the circuit board, and that causes the ECM to stop working. The most common issue a bad ECM causes is the fuel injector to stop working (which is what it sounds like is your problem.
If you can solder and know how to check the traces for continuity, you can probably fix the ECM yourself, if it isn't too badly damaged. If you can't, then you'll have to find someone that can and have them fix it.

The best/easiest way to verify you have an ECM problem is to swap in a known good ECM.
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