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Dear everyone,

I'm a new comer to this forum, i have a 92' samurai and i got the problem below, it is very appreicate for everyone who can give me some help! (i have been struggle for months) :)

Problem: Engine fails to start again after a short run ~ 1KM (heavy rain the nite before)

i have checked the following:

Engine light blinks under the code of 12 (ECM is fine as it indicated)

Functional fuel pump, sound is heard after turning the key and fuel comes out from the return fuel line

Engine crank should be OK coz engine starts when i pour few drops of gasoline to the throttle body

sparks plug works fine

Machanics of fuel injector works fine

Wire from the ECM to fuel injector is closed

I have no idea after checking the above, the engine doesn't start anyway, anyidea?

is the ECM fails? coz it has no voltage output at the fuel injector plug, but the light indicates that it works fine, how do i know if the fuel tank is spilled with water coz it may be the case.
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