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The Jimny is an '89. It is a 3 cylinder 550cc (.5 liter) turbo with EFI putting down about 57HP. Most everything about it is the same as the stateside Samurai with a few differences. The car has ~50500 kms on the odometer which is about 31,000 miles. It is the actual mileage not a rolled over odometer. I have owned it for about 2 yrs now and am the 2nd owner but first in the US. It has a clean legal Texas title and paperwork to go with it. It is currently registered and getting insurance on it was simple through Farmers. It's on a stated value plan for about $10k currently.

The car is slow there's no getting around it. It's a Samurai so that's expected but it does great around town, on trails and off roading. It's happy cruising around 55mph and top cruising speed is about 65mph but i've gotten it up to 72 once. I've taken it all the way into Houston from College Station a couple times. It does ok but of course more power would be better. There is a few rust spots. If you are familiar with Samis you will know how common that is and where im talking about. There is some rust on the back seam where the rear body panel attaches to the bed, some around the middle frame to body bolt points behind the front seats and a spot in the very front of the wheel well behind the drivers seat. Other than that the body is very clean. Paint is in very good shape for a 28yr old vehicle. The only other issue it has is the frame to body bushings are old and cracking so they will need to be replaced eventually. I have the bushings but haven't had the chance to replace them due to space and don't really have the tools to complete the job. I have a spare steering rag joint for it which it doesn't need but just something else to have in case it goes bad. It also could use an alignment. While this doesn't really affect the ride of the car it would be nice because the steering wheel is slightly offset due to the lift.

It has new Hankook Dynapro tires on it (31x10.5). It also has new Old Man Emu leaf springs, shocks and bushings all the way around along with Low Range Offroad shackles which give it about a 2" lift over stock. There are 2" wheel spacers behind the stock 15" wheels for clearance which were on the car when i bought it. Also when i bought it it came with an aftermarket wood Nardi steering wheel. Aftermarket bull bar on the front and an aftermarket replacement bumper on the rear. The front grill is a very limited Suzuki option with the built in yellow fog lights. It has a Carrozzeria (Japanese Pioneer) head unit. It has a set of very nice seat covers on the front seats. I also was planning to replace the interior panels which are in somewhat rough shape but haven't gotten around to ordering them since it doesn't bug me. It has a Smittybuilt soft top. I have performed 2 oil changes but have only put about 5k miles on it since i bought it and i've checked transmission fluid which is good. I have replaced the air filter and I have 2 spares which will come with the car as well. The other aftermarket parts on it are the exhaust which is a straight pipe so it's kinda loud but that's an easy fix if you wanted to change that. Also the aluminum paneling is made by NTS Giken out of Japan and it is pretty rare to have an entire set installed. I also have recently replaced the wiper blades. It will come with a 4 layer car cover from low range off road as well.

I'm selling due to me and the wife preparing for our first child. We both are making sacrifices to free up some of our budget and get rid of our debts.

This car is awesome even with it's short comings in power/speed but I have a blast in it everytime I take it out.

I'd really like to get around $7500 for it so let me know if you are interested or have a fair offer!

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