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My daughter has recently bought an '88 Sierra for a first car and is loving it.
When we first got it there was a lot of play in the steering and it wandered badly on the road above 80km/h. I've adjusted the play out of the steering box and dropped the tyre pressures down to 23psi (from 30psi) which has improved it lots, but its still wanders a bit and my wife isn't happy that its safe for an inexperienced driver.

I cant find anything obviously worn in the front end, so I'm about to go through and replace the spring bushes, check/adjust wheel bearings and steering knuckle etc.
I also came across another thread mentioning incorrect toe-in as a cause of wandering so I'll get that checked when I'm done.

Is there anything specific that is often a cause of wandering in these vehicles, or is it just a matter of going through everything and replacing/adjusting as required?

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