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Hello, all you Suzuki fans! This is the one you want! I've got an '88.5 Samurai tin-top that's been tastefully enhanced and improved for your on and off-road satisfaction! A video tour has been posted below and covers up close, most of what you see here.

20141011 175106 - YouTube

This Samurai is sitting on Goodyear Wrangler A/T's 235/75/R15's, about 29" tires. Each wheel has a 1-1/4" spacer for added stability. The whole rig is sitting on an Old-Man Emu suspension made by ARB and stands with about 14" of ground clearance, and nearly 8" of axle clearance. At about 52" wide, this rig can go where your quads or RZR's can go. A custom wrap encases the body with the northern Arizona foliage and it's a perfect match for Coconino county's wooded areas. The hood also has a USMC Eagle, Globe, and Anchor logo on it. Semper Fi! The top of the body was left unwrapped in anticipation of a safari rack being added.

Under the hood we have a 1.3L 4-cylinder that was rebuilt recently and bored .030" over stock and reassembled using genuine Suzuki Japanese components. At the time of the rebuild, a new clutch kit was installed. A Clicky-Starter-Fix was added to the vehicle to prolong the life of the ignition switch, consisting of a relay kit that takes power from the switch, goes to the relay, and the relay dumps battery power to the starter solenoid instead of doing this straight through the switch as it was stock. The engine is fitted with a Doug Thorley header and a Weber 32/36 DGEV Progressive carburetor (WK601) and has passed emissions as recently as February 2014 with little else done to the engine. A new radiator was installed the summer of 2014 due to a leak in the old one and fresh coolant was added. The old fuel pump was leaking through the breather tube, a telltale sign it's going bad, so it was replaced October 11th, along with an oil change. The engine does not leak oil at all, nor does it burn oil, and the pesky distributor seals have also been recently replaced; a notorious leak on the Samurai. Valves were also adjusted earlier this summer; .006" on the intakes, and .007" on the exhaust.

The stock Denso 50A alternator was replaced, and it was found the bearings were going out although the unit had not yet failed, so it was replaced with a kit containing a GM CS130 alternator capable of 105 amps. The kit contains the alternator, belt, bracket, charging cable, hardware, and a plug that allows connection to the factory harness, no wiring hacks here. The squeak in the video is the new belt having worn in and needing tightening.

You might think that with the Doug Thorley header that this would be a loud exhaust, and that couldn't be farther from the truth. Most Samurai's are obnoxiously loud, more so than they need to be, and this one's got a fairly fresh exhaust system. No rust or holes, and it's QUIET!

The transmission is in great shape, no grinding gears, synchros work great, drops right into first and reverse without having to play with it or do a secret handshake to get it to cooperate. It's got fresh oil in it, a new mount, the output shaft seal has been replaced as it was found leaking, and the rubber plug between the 5th gear and reverse gear switches was patched up to prevent leakage. Splines on the drive shaft are also in good condition.

The transfer case was redone by Trail Tough and now has a 4.16:1 rock crawler gear setup in it with a 12% reduction in high-range and an 87% reduction in low-range from stock. The Twisted TT mod is also applied, allowing 2-Neutral, and 2-Low so you can push over an obstacle without stepping outside to lock the hubs. The rear axle has an ARB air locker installed worth over $1,000! The compressor used for this application is the CKMA12 12V medium sized compressor and costs $275. A tire inflating kit is also included, and also does sports equipment and whatever else needs air beyond just a Schrader vavle. When you air down, you can air back up again.

Samurai fuel gauges are notoriously problematic, so the fuel sending unit in the tank was replaced. Now the gauge works consistently through the entire range. The combination switch was damaged when I purchased it; the wiper switch had broken off, so the whole unit was replaced.

A Pioneer media deck and Kicker 6.5" speakers were installed to replace the worn out CD deck and crusty old speakers that were in it before, and it's 40% smaller than most stereos, cleaning up the interior. The stereo is USB, Aux, and bluetooth capable and also has a mic and phone functions installed.

The original owner's manual, A tall bottle jack, 4-way lug wrench, and high-lift jack are also included with the vehicle. It's also set up to be towed, and the tow bar and harness will be included as well. There's also a folder about 1/2" thick with all the paperwork on the modifications to this vehicle, and their related owner's manuals.

WHAT SHE NEEDS: The radio antenna is broken and needs replacing. The door switch is missing and a new one needs to be installed. This will fix the dome light and the key reminder buzzer. The wire is behind the driver's speaker and needs a new terminal. The brake switch under the parking brake has a broken ground wire, and the "BRAKE" light stays on all the time. The A/C system is ALMOST completely operational. The A/C clutch bearing is OK, but the clutch assembly needs a new magnet coil, it does not engage. The electrical system is fine, and it's charged with R-12 and has a good strong charge. It needs a $40 clutch coil to fix it. It's going to need tires soon, they're thin in the middle. The Wrangler A/T tires are about $85 a piece. You can get 5 for right at $500 or probably milk the tire shop for a better deal on 5 tires. They're not needed immediately, but soon. Finally, TLC. She's 26 years old, and although she's strong, it takes the right kind of hands to keep it that way.

WHY I'M SELLING: This vehicle's purpose in life was to be a daily driver with the occasional outing with my family, and to be more economical than my Dodge pickup was. My vehicle circumstances have changed, and I don't need two vehicles right now. Make no mistake, I'm not desperate, and I'm in no hurry to sell this thing and will hold out for the right buyer.

Please don't low-ball me on this one. There is another tin-top on Craigslist for about $5500 and almost unmodified, it doesn't have nearly the amount of enhancements this one does. This is one-of-a-kind. It isn't crazy, but tasteful and is well worth a look. Serious inquiries only, CASH only, and cash in-hand earns you a test drive, no checks will be accepted. Please E-mail with your info, and I will reply with my phone number. My only phone is a cell, and I'm not plastering my number all over the internet.

Vehicle is located in Phoenix, AZ, and 85023 is the ZIP.
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