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Hello all,

I have a '87 Suzuki Samurai 2 door 4x4 1.3l and I have a problem with my low beam lights. When I turn on the light switch to position I (normal lights) the high beam turns on. If I switch to position II they still stay on. When I pull the switch (Pass) the are on to. I cannot turn on the normal (low beam) lights.

My car does not have a relay.
The bulbs are fine, they work.
I've changed the steering column switch unit (for a brand new one), no change.

Where can I look, as it is makes no sense to me? Is it an earth thing? Does anyone have the same problem and fixed it?

Thanks in advance,

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Question - when you pull the switch to pass and the high beams come on, do the park/side/dash lights also come on?

There are two different switches involved in this process, the first being a three position rotary switch on the end of the stalk, and the second being a three position linear or push/pull switch at the base of the stalk.

Rotary switch position 0 is all lights OFF
Rotary switch position 1 is dash/park/side lights on
Rotary switch position 2 is dash/park/side lights on, along with high or low beam headlights depending on which is selected by the push/pull switch

Push/pull switch position 0 (pull to you) is high beam on regardless of rotary switch position
Push/pull switch position 1 (middle) is low beam on if rotary switch is in position 2
Push/pull switch position 2 (push away from you) is high beam on if rotary switch is in position 2.

For you to get the symptoms you describe, specifically the high beams coming on with the rotary switch in position 1, with no relays, there would have to be a short circuit between the dash/park/side light circuit and the high beam circuit, and if this were the case, then the dash/park/side lights should also come on when you pull the switch to you - you have not told us that this is happening.

For you to get the symptoms you describe, specifically the low beams never coming on, there would have to be either a broken wire in the low beam circuit, or a defective combination switch, which you have told us has already been replaced with a new, presumably good one.

These circuits come together in the combination switch and the wiring associated with it, you have already replaced the switch, so that leaves the wiring, it's either damaged or been modified in some way - if it's been modified, there's very little we can do without seeing it - if it's damaged, we have no way of knowing where it's been damaged (although my guess is under the dash).

You're at a point where you have two options - if you have the knowledge and experience to track down & repair electrical problems, you arm yourself with a test meter and a wiring diagram (try Ack's FAQ) and dig in - or - you take the vehicle to an auto-electrician and have him/her sort it out.
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