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just did massive swap out from my 88 ,engine started knocking really loud
so put everything on 86 tin top not knowing engine condition, also sat for years.
got it running but it smokes quite a bit and also gets hot and stalls randomly and sometimes will not start up again for several minutes even when not up to temp. heres what i have done so far related to problems.
drained old fuel, put new fuel filter, new gas
adjustable pressure reg and gauge
weber 32/36, was running perfect on my 88
cleaned pcv valve and mechanical fuel pump (not dumping oil)
flushed cooling system brand new radiator with coolant
sea foam engine and fuel, let run then
let oil drain 2days then fill 10w 40 with 50%lucas oil
(smoking before and after oil change)
smoke looks light blue or white maybe grey sometimes cant really tell, smells like shit not sweet.
thermostat was stuck in the intake so i left it, how can tell its clogged?
when i did flush nothing came out of thermostat hose, clogged?
also hear and can feel something tapping #2 spark plug especially if i push down slightly with plug wire also see plug wire shaking/moving with tapping
most smoke with high revs/ uphill
have exhaust leak at muffler possibly somewhere else too
no oil leaks
very minor coolant leak at one hose only drips when too hot
bad water pump? fan seems to be working
no compression test yet
going to pull plugs and check oil and coolant
any other suggestions to find problems?
should i just bite the bullet and full rebuild i have never done one but have torn apart everything else including tranny. if so, should i rebuild knocking engine or smoking engine?:huh:
what are common samurai blown gasket symptoms and or worn rings seals?

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doesn't seem to have mixed any oil and coolant, checked dipstick, oil cap, drained sample from radiator. plugs were mostly dry, had minor brown coating with a tiny bit of burned oil deposits around the threads toward the spark side of plug.
pulled exhaust manifold and found the small circle hole towards firewall that goes from block to manifold was solid like rock burned oil deposits blocking the inside of exhaust manifold.
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