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Hey guys, I just purchased an 82 samurai. fired up yesterday to take it home but it refuses to start this morning. The engine turns and slows until it stops. Battery seems fine but I won't rule it out yet. Any suggestions? Should also note that I live in northern canada and it's -25c this morning.

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Use a dip Stick Oil Heater....... It only need about four hours plugged into ac current and will thin out that thick oil...... That's cold where your at and those low compression engines are like trying to start an old harley in cold weather.
the heater works and i've used them often when i lived in cold weather areas.
A note of caution: Be sure to get the right length and at least one inch of oil showing on the dip stick oil heater..... there's a guy on that google link complaining about don't get it but he clearly states it does not reach his oil....... Duh! They come in different lengths.

A Block heater is a much better option if you know how to install one but these did work for me but i only left it in for 4-6 hours as they do get hot and must be "In the Oil"

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Once you get it running:
When you get it home to stay for the night
put a large wattage light bulb (incadecent)
in the engine bay along side the block...maybe
under the carb. Best if it actually touches.
Leave it on all the time until you need to
start it again. Two is better than one.
Have seen fellas fill a hubcap with charcoal
briquets and light them til they are gray
and put them under the crankcase ... be SURE
there is no gas leaking anywhere or you'll be
calling your insurance agent about fire insurance.
Place an old blanket over the hood with a tarp
wrapped over it and around the front clip to trap
the warm air under the hood. If possible park with
the front bumper against the house or other heated
But a proper block heater is more efficient.
They need to be inserted in the water jacket
where one of the frost plugs has been removed
then it is just plug-n-play.
If the tranny is sluggish some put auto-tranny
fluid in until the weather warms to above zero
for more than 5 days in a row.
Good luck and don't overdrive your lights in the snow.
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