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Hey guys,

Have a chance to obtain an old 7294.
It uses cables and apparently cannot be converted to remote control.
It has a good brake lining and some fair cable on it so it has to have been
protected some how.
The cables are frozen tho and cannot be easily restored...many wounds that have heavy rust in them.
Been told cables are available from Warn.
It spins and stops with the brake.
Ofcourse it has to free wheel out and has only the brake to hold the load.

It has no fairlead. No mounting hardware.

But the price it right...swap for some treasures.

What are your 8000 too much for my simple 88 Sami ?
Usually run a 6000 but it needs repairs now. New solenoids. The kit is near
$300 for the needs.

Is the cable control more trouble than good ?

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