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Hi folks,


I have been a member here since 2009, not active and this is my first post. I have a 2 1987 samurai's.
My brother purchased one new and I bought it from him around 2003. This is a stock sam that I have driven and have enjoyed for many miles. Since my ownership it has failed a couple of times and been out of commission for months at a time and I will fiddle with it until I get it back on the road again. It is an elderly ol' boy and needs a lot of attention and its mostly fun.
The other sam is looking for a donor engine. TD I hope, but hard to find, cost effective.

The current issue with the sam is a zinging noise (not grinding or crunching and is not loud, sounds like gear teeth spinning on each other and not engaged) when in 4x4 H or L. It does not start immediately after engaging in 4x4 but after about 4 or 5 miles of driving. It is only when moving in 4x4. I cannot tell if it is from right or left side, or center.

My first plan is to replace steering knuckle seals, but I feel the problem may be deeper as in the steering knuckle or the differential case.

Anyway I did not see anything related to this in archives, that I could find.
I would appreciate any voices of experience before I do the take down.
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