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hi tulong naman for an idea or solution if you have encounter this kind of problem...

when i engage the 4LO or 4HI then run for a couple of meters (maybe 7 or more for 4HI) parang nagbrake then i can not return the 4wd lever to 2HI kahit na FREE na yung HUB LOCK, i have to reverse the pick up para marelease ang LEVER to 2HI...
akala ko nung una, nagstuck up yung brake pad kasi di mo man lang maitulak in NEUTRAL, nung ijack-up ko na at icheck if my prob sa brake umikot ung gulong reverse, yun pwede na maengage ang 4wd lever to 2HI and matulak na ang pick up.. any ideas why?

di ko na magamit ang 4wd pag fully loaded kasi ang hirap na itakbo after a couple of meters.... differential of front and rear are 7 45 teeth(match)

ano kaya problema nito?

salamat sa mag iinput...

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hi xPeeDz,

i asked my friend in japan to have the instructions translated to english and here is it. you might want to see if this works for you.

This is an instruction for 4WD modes 4H and 4L.
rough translation as follows:

how to use transfer, auto free wheel hub
1)Use 4WD in rough terrain and/or slippery roads
2)Make sure the car is stopped when
using the transfer for changing to 4WD mode,
and also during 4L and 4H mode changes
3)To change to 2WD, use the transfer and
put car in reverse and move about 2 meters.
This put the auto free wheel hub in free mode.

here's the photo of the japanese instructions printed on the 4x4 gear shift lever
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