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2003 Grand Vitara 2.5Lt 4WD
When I turn on the passenger turn signal, the 4WD dash light
and the relay that is in the center console, next to control lever
for the 4WD it also turn on and off in sinc whit the turn signal.
If I turn on the low or high beams the 4WD light comes on as well.
Only if I brake or activate the driver's turn signal, the 4WD light
it remains off as it should be.
Note: This happens while in normal driving (2H)
Anyone have any idea

Thank you

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An 03 Grand Vitara should not have any relays in the center console or in the 4WD system - if your's does then it has been modified for some reason and that makes it almost impossible for us to do any sort of remote diagnosis.

It is in theory possible for a loose or poor ground connection to cause weird electrical symptoms, but given the standard wiring I can't think of a ground that would cause the symptoms you describe.
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