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It's not as simple as knowing which gears need to be changed - it's being able to source the gears. Your best bet is to find someone who offers a reduction gearset, and that is something I have not seen for a third gen.

If there are no commercially available reduction gearsets, the next option would be to create one, and if you have to ask which gears are involved, then I doubt that this is something you're capable of doing on your own.

The gears you need are #1 (the input gear), #8 (the counter gear) & #28 (the low gear) - the input gear turns the counter gear, the counter gear turns the low gear and a selector hub (#35) will engage either on the back of the input gear (for HI range) or the front of the low gear (for LO range).

You can change the reduction ratio by changing either (or both) of the input gear/counter gear or counter gear/low gear pairs - BUT - the spacing between the gear shafts is fixed, so as you increase the diameter of one of the two gears in the pair, the diameter of it's mating gear MUST increase. The input gear also mates with the transmission output shaft, so the size of that needs to be taken into consideration, and the low gear sits over the center differential front output shaft, so that too is a limitation.

What I've seen people do with the smaller Mitsubishi vehicles is adapt reduction gears from the bigger Mitsubishi, a task which requires you to hunt down transfer cases, tear them apart and compare the gears and hope that you are lucky enough to find a set that fits.
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