I’ve commented on a post about this before but I’m in search for a 89-95 sidekick/tracker 4 door 2 wheel drive 5 speed driveshaft, I currently have a 95’ 2 door 2wd manual driveshaft as it came with the setup the most I’d spend is $350 or I’d like to trade with some money and I can pay for shipping if you’re in the states
I currently have a 95’ Suzuki sidekick 4 door lowered with front bump stops cut that I converted from 4x4 to 2x4 and 1.6 8v swapped it (sounds dumb but it was a crazy good deal for a 1.6 8v 2wd manual trans, driveshaft, fenders, and every piece of wiring and ecus for less then $500) but I’m looking to make it a drift car in the near future. I just want to drive this thing again asap so I need a driveshaft and I thought the 2 door one would work enough to get one of those driveshaft spacers some of the 4 wheel guys use sometimes but its a 3 3/4” shorter then I was expecting (I’m not sure in the length I just read in a forumn that’s the difference in 2dr and 4dr driveshafts)