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Hello I'm new here.
I'm from NSW Australia

I daily drive a 1992 sj70 1.3 sierra tin top

I have a second sierra running a g16b with the twin cam head off a suzuki swift. Has been running in current configuration for over a year. With reduction gears and 31" M/T

The main plan is to swap this engine and transfer case into my daily. Relatively easy. But.

The opportunity just came up to buy the diffs and complete coil suspention from a 2018 jimny, repairable write off.
Obviously a huge amount of work to convert, also requireing a change in wheelbase and track width.
But would a modern coil conversion be worth the expense?

I have spoken to an engineer and it can be passed if done right

I want it more comfortable for longer trips and more capable offroad

I appreciate any input.
Thank you

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This is just how I see it personally.

The words comfortable, longer trips do not belong in the same sentence with Suzuki Sierra & Jimny, I also believe that a Sierra is more capable offroad than a Jimny, so I think a coil conversion would be a step in the wrong direction.

Try asking this question over at the forum, the guys over there are more into the Australian offroad scene than we are here, and I'd love to see their opinion ;)
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