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2016 Vitara 1.4 S Adventure

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Afternoon all, quick introduction to myself and my new (to me) 2016 Vitara S

Having owned many different cars and been a member of many MANY forums, best way to kick off is with an ownership thread!!

Evo 8’s 2003 Evo VIII mint... £14,500
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Megane 225’s Martin1977 's 'CUP' Adventure
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I’d actually previously owned a 2007 Grand Vitara a few years back. An ace little thing that only let go after a spark plug ‘tip’ came off and went through the cylinder! Thanks BOSCH super 4….
One ruined engine later and my £300 purchase / 24K love affair was brought to an abrupt halt… black arm band day indeed….The car had performed BRILLIANTLY.. Going through deep mud / deeper snow / kid school runs without issue. It was indeed a FINE car.

Previous to this Vitara though, I’d owned a Kuga 2.5T in manual, not many of them going around.. The 275BHP was GREAT.. overtaking no problem, Macan baiting.. a pleasure….the rate of unleaded consumption… much less of a pleasure returning on average 26mpg.. that and the £600+ car tax pain made it a fun but wallet emptying 4years…
Kuga 2.5T 2.5T KUGA Adventure
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ANYWAYS……. Today brings a new chapter and this little beauty in a charming ‘Essex White’ colour….. nice to drive, frugal… more modern.. it’s a good compromise..

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Plant

As with all things, it needs some careful adjustment…..

After Exactly 96x minutes of ownership, First up is a software update to enable CAR PLAY.. I’ll also get an updated NAV micro SD from Le Bay…. CarPlay is all fine and well.. sometimes Im out in the wilds (fishing and snowboarding) with no phone signal so it’ll be worth the £20 for when its needed
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the info given on the forum by @Ticking_Fox was brilliant to fix.

Next Up, the car is fitted with 4x new tyres… Now. there are tyres and TYRES.. (these are the former).. they’re made of rubber and are worth every one of His Majesty’s £20 Pounds they probably cost to buy… guaranteed to find a ditch every time….
So, they’re going. They’ll be replaced by these Nokian Winter beauties… I’ll get them fitted tomorrow. New (summer) wheels will be fitted in the spring.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Black Tread

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

After that, the following is planned:

  • Dashcam hard wired
  • LED Number plate lights / Side lights / Interior bulbs
  • Mudflaps installed
  • Roof rack fitted
  • Spare wheel purchased
  • Swanky key ring purchased

All in the days to come! Thanks for having me along.
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Evening Martin

following your thread with interest

I purchased a 2015 sz5 a week or so ago and am sort of on the same path as you with little mods and upgrades

currently thinking about a set of Eibach 30mm lift springs but a little unsure of the long term effects on things like driveshafts etc

anyway, can I ask a really cheeky favour …… been trying to update infotainment firmware but as yet with no success for one reason or another …. Anyway, back to the favour, if I pay for the memory stick and the postage could you send me a copy of your updated files so I can try to update ?…

was going to pm you but can’t seem to find a way to do that !,


chris in Wigan
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I have spoken to a chap who has fitted the eibach springs and he informed me that he has had them fitted fo r approx 2 years with no issues as yet. He said he spoke to eibach prior to purchase and although the did suggest he should change the shocks, the said there would be no issue using the standard shock as with only a 30mm lift they would still be in their operating range ?

I was initially concerned as many years ago I fitted a suspension lift to a series one freelander and although I had no issues it did alter the angle of the drive shaft quite a bit and from memory I think I had to fit camber adjustment pins

I think someone on here has them fitted …. I will try to find the post and ask if there have been any issues

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Sounds like the springs may not be a good idea ……

Has anyone any experience for fitting strut spacers as a way of getting a body lift ?

Again I fitted some of these to an early freelander and only issue was I had to fit longer front brake lines. Doesn’t get you any suspension advantage but does give some body ground clearance

😂😂😂. Love those wheels Martin. Be good to see them on the car. Was going to get some modular steels for winter in 16 inch flavour with some bigger sidewall rubber, but seeing as the car came with a new set of Michelin cross climates, might as well run those through this winter
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Might have to get me one of those. !!!
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Those wheels look great Martin. Obviously an illusion, but the new wheels look smaller in diameter….. to me anyway !

Looking good !!!!!
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