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2012 sx4 crossover p0777 code

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Car can go in reverse and forwards but won't go past 20mph. Engine revs fine. I keep getting p0777 code (Solenoid B Stucked ON) even after reset and test driving it. I changed transmission fluid. I checked the fuses and used contact spray on 2 cable connectors that go to the transmission. I took out the valve body and replaced 4 solenoids. I think they were the shift solenoids. I did not change anything else like the pressure sensor, stepper motor etc. Non of that helped. I just bought the whole valve body and I'm going to try that out. If that doesn't work then I don't know what else to do. Could it be the TCM but if it is I think that requires programing. Any advice is appreciated.
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Check the wiring for abuse..chafing.. Did you do any testing ?

Use a pro level scanner and bi directionally activate the solenoids.. Quit throwing parts before confirming fault.
What do you mean by bi directionally activate the solenoids?
yeah, I'm biting more than I can chew on this one. I'll try the new valve body since I've already bought it and if that doesn't work then leave it to the professionals.
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