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So, the other day I noticed a few marker lights weren't working in my 2010 SX4 Crossover.

Side marker on the driver's side, and the marker light inside the headlight lense on the passenger side.

Replaced the one inside the headlight. When I went to replace the other, I noticed that one of the wires going into the green socket had corroded an broken off. So, I stripped the wire back and scraped out some of the corrosion.

I didn't have a soldering iron so I figured I would just glue it in place until I could get i soldered.

I made the mistake of leaving the switch on so I could see when contact was made. After gluing it, however, not only does that light not work, but none of the marker lights work. As well as the tail lights.

The headlights, turn signals, brake and backup lights work.

I assume I blew a fuse or something. I checked the fuses in the box by the battery, as well as the 15a fuse that is by itself below the dash. They all seem fine.

I assume I am missing a fuse somewhere. Anybody know where the fuse for that particular circuit is? Or, should I be looking at something else?

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