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I'm the second owner of the SX4, owned it for 9 years with extensive maintenance. It has 142k miles. It was my daily driver, but I work from home and travel often, so it usually sat and didn't collect many miles.

Also has a six-disc changer. I have two other single-disc changers (original, and one mailed to me by accident) to include.

The engine ran out of oil and completely seized up, and so it's up for sale. All parts of the car were taken care up, including radiator and transmission flushing. A very large and expensive repair was just done for exhaust / emissions work, which left the car with an un-ending Check Engine Light, and ultimately our inability to realize it lost all of its oil in 3 months.

It honestly just needs a new engine to keep going for many more miles.

Located in the Baltimore/DC region of Maryland.

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