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2008 Forenza with only 79K Location: Gloucester, MA
Grandchildren- We need a bigger car
New Price: $4500 / BRO *Sold As Is*

The car has an intermittent problem: Code P2135 - Throttle
It's been like this for a year. Sometimes it corrects itself, check engine light goes out, other times I simply disconnect the negative cable for 15 minutes and the light also goes out. With the light on or off the car still rides incredibly smooth, no rough idle. I suspect the problem is a loose or dirty wire but since I'm not a mechanic i can't say for sure. After clearing the code and driving for 150 miles or so the problem doesn't show up in computer history and the car will pass inspection. It did for me.

4 recent tires, like new
Transmission Range Sensor
Front & Rear Brakes
Oil & Filter
Water pump
Timing belt

Clean inside and out
Easy to drive and maintain - We've gone to the White Mountains and Maine without a problem

Still on the road - so we can go for a test drive instead of kicking tires in the driveway.

Let me know through email if you'd like to see and drive it. I'll message back or phone if you leave your number.

This is a private owner sale. *Sold As Is*

Thanks for looking
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