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Hey Guys,

Some of you know i just purchased this car about a month ago. Its a 2007 SX4 AWD and has 175000KM, The car had been driving perfect until yesterday when i was coming home from the gym and realized it was being very difficult going into first and third. Also its not letting me downshift. I was going to change the transmission fluid but I was wondering what else could cause this problem. It happened all of the sudden, it was driving perfect before yesterday. For example, when im at a stop or red light and try to put it in first gear it will go into third, so I will put it in second and then go up to first. The clutch feels fine and hasn't been popping out or anything like that. Another example is when I am slowing down and im downshifting from third to second it won't let me go into it, well it feels stiff and I don't want to push it in. When the car is driving it shifts up into all gears smoothly. It has me worried and now I'm having second thoughts about buying the car. If you guys could please help me out I would really appreciate it. I tried searching it up but nothing was specific to my problem. Looking forward to reading replies, Thanks again.

I took the car to a local transmission place for a free diagnosis and they told me it was my shifter cables and the shifter box was broken. I took apart my centre console before and after I took it there and nothing from the plastic shifter box is broken. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the SHIFTER CABLES from. I live in Canada and the last thing I want to do is pay dealer prices.
Its funny because before I took it to them I could put the car in second then back in first now the shifter feels even more loose and it doesn't go into first or second at all only third and fourth and fifth and reverse. It has become stressful to drive because I have to put it in third and give it a lot of gas for it to get going. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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