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Had the alternator seize up on me 2 years ago and I had it rebuilt at NAPA, re-installed, all was good. A few weeks ago I drove through a puddle on the way home from work and then overnight it got very cold and the alternator froze up and the belt squealed like when the bearing went bad. It eventually un-thawed and it was working fine until a week later. Started the car and the battery light was on, odometer flashed on and off tach worked then stopped.

I suspected the alternator again and tried the "battery cable off the battery when running" test. Car died instantly.

As it's major job to replace that alternator I waited a few weeks to fool with it. Just today I started it up to move it around the driveway. It seemed to work fine. No battery light but the, dashboard was still wonky. Tach working, not working, odometer numbers on then off, but the battery light was off and the headlights seemed to brighten when I revved it, and it still ran when I took the cable off. Radio was flashing "System Check" over and over.

I wonder, do I have a computer problem now?

Thanks for any ideas...

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