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Hello guys,

Good Day.

I just had my preowned 2007 SX4 AWD hatchback here in Canada. I want to change my steering oil and brake fluid. I just want to ask what kind of brand of steering oil and brake fluid i'm going to buy? the same exact brand from suzuki (original). thank you ver much in advance.

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For the power steering you will need 4 quards of DEXRON 3 transmission fluid.
A section of 1/2" tubing and a catch bucket.
Drain the power steering fluid reservoir with a syringe.
Disconnect the return line and connect a line from there to the drain bucket and block off the port the line went to.
Refill the reservoir up to the top and start the car for exactly 2 seconds and stop. Refill and do that 3 times. Make sure you don't run it dry.

Now jack the front end so the front tires are off the ground. Refill the reservoir and turn the tire by hand back and forth slowly. You will see the fluid go down slowly. Top up and do that again.

The first part is flushing the pump and control valve in the steering rack.
The second part is flushing the rack.

I did both of those until I went through 3 quarts and then just topped up with the last quart.

If you move the wheel too quickly it will suck air in and you will have dead spots in the steering and it will shudder.
If so. you have to follow the manual for a new rack replacement and air purge. That means raising the vehicle up again and turning the wheel slowly back and forth several times to move fluid around and push the air bubble out.

For the brakes you can flush the lines but not the abs pump's parts. Need a scan tool to run the pump and accumulators/ valves in the pump.

To do that you can crack open the bleeder valves at each caliper and either use a vacume tool or have an assistant push the pedal for you.

Crack one open and move fluid while topping up the reservoir.
Close that one and move to the next one until you have done all 4.

That's about all I can think of.

look up volvosweeden on youtube. I believe he has a few videos on exactly what you want to do.
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