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just wanted to know for sure if these two cars are the same in terms of engine. the reason I ask is i've been looking everywhere for a service manual for my 06 epica ltz and found out about suzukipitstop from this website.

I cannot locate the service manual for the epica no where in Canada...not even the dealer has one. With that said I was wondering if I were to get the 06 verona service manual if it will be similar or exact to my engine. I changed the transmission range sensor recently to fix the issue of the gear slamming when putting it in reverse and now the keys get stuck because the gear lever doesn't sit flush when in park. I have to give it a gentle push to the left (towards driver door) then remove the key. Not sure what to do here to fix this problem hence I'd like to know if the 06 verona manual will help me out.

Sorry to drag on the post but I like to give as much info as possible so you guys/gals can know how to focus your answer.

thank you
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