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Hi all i am new to these forums so please bear with me....
i have a 2005 xl7 2.0 diesel , it has been a great car ,,until recently ...i was driving it along and it just stopped , orange engine light came on... i pulled over lifted bonnet wiggled a few wires, locked and unlocked the car incase t was the imobiliser ,turned it over for a while then it started, ran okay (not in safe mode) but with the orange light on still . i read the owners manual when i got home , disconnected the battery for a while to reset the fault and all was fine.... then i came to start the car about a week later and it just turns over ,i got a fault code reader and below is what it said. tried resetting all the faults and trying again but they just come up and it still wont start.. any help would be greatly appreciated, i think it might be the fuel pump from the tank as i cant hear it running when i turn the ignition on but i can hear the relay clicking in the cab near the pedals. just not sure what all the faults mean. thanks in advance gary
meta-info header:Error Codes
file version:1
name:Trouble Codes
Error Codes
Turbo/Super Charger Wastegate Solenoid "A" Low
Vehicle speed (Speed) 0 mi/h
PIDs supported [21 - 40] 00100000000000000000000000000000
Engine coolant temperature (ECT) 66 °F
Fuel Rail Pressure (diesel, or gasoline direct inject) (FRP2) 0.19743336623889438 Atm
MAF air flow rate (MAF) 2.58 g/s
Calculated engine load value (EngineLoad) 100.0 %
Engine RPM (RPM) 192 rpm
Intake manifold absolute pressure (MAP) 0.9772951628825272 Atm

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Control Circuit Low

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent Control Circuit Low

Pending Codes

Intake Manifold Runner Control Circuit Low

Raw values
Error Codes 43024521442141
Panding Codes 47300620090000

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