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Engine has an overheat problem. Mechanic has the head off and now says I need a new cylinder head, drivers side.

The body is a pearl white in good condition, and it has a very nice beige interior. It needs a new head, drivers side, as far as I know.

I had replaced everything else in the cooling system so all those parts are new. It coded for catalytic, but was overheating after coming off the freeway so all those parts were replaced.

It has new tires, brakes, headlight (one was foggy), along with all new cooling system.

First repair, Firestone said I needed a new radiator. It still overheated so I replaced every part in the cooling system, thermostat to water pump, and then this mechanic thought it was a bad head gasket, but 22 days after he repaired it it overheated again. I towed it back to his house and he tore it down again. He told me the first time he was going to have it tested but apparently he didn't have it done.

It is in MacLeansville, N.C.

I can send you pics if you're interested.
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