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My wife's 2005 swift (stock 1.5 motor) has starter spluttering every now and then and seems to be doing it more and more each time we use it.

I thought it may have been the two sensors in the exhaust so I changed both if them but still seems to be doing it.

I'll give you an example of what it's doing, hopefully there is someone on here that's pretty switched on to swifts and can tell me.

Idles perfectly most times...everyone and then you will hear/feel a miss like one of the plugs/coil missed it's turn to spark.
When you drive it however (mostly in the lower rev range) it will splutter (obviously feels worse under load) and this happens (from what I've noticed so far) that it does it mostly from 2000rpm up until say 4000rpm.
If I back off when it's spluttering (doesn't matter what rev it's at) it tends to stop doing it

Any help would be great
Is there a certain diagnostic tool I can buy that will work on it?
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