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It was running fine when I parked it in the garage. We have had a lot of snow so it hasn't been cranked foe a fe days. When I went to crank it , it sounded as if it fired once. I tried again and it has the sound that the eng wasn't turning over and I thought maybe the bendix wasn't working on the starter and the eng wash,t turning. The eng is turning and it sounds as if there is no compression.
I have looked on this forum to see if any similar problems but didn't see any.
Before I check any farther I thought I would ask if any one has had this problem?

This is a 2004 Tracker 2.5 4X4 75400 miles. Has been running good and no harsh driving. It usually takes a long crank to start and I will stop and crank again and it will crank. Its like it takes a while for fuel press to come up.
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