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White 4dr. 99K on odometer, 73K engine installed in Feb.

In 2010 car had:
4 new tires, new battery, some little parts like thermostat, regular maintance.
This year:
New alternator, new engine.

It's a beautiful car and when it runs it runs nice. I just can't keep up with it right now it's trying me and pushing all my buttons.

Right now it SEEMS there is a computer issue but I do not know for sure.
After the alternator was install the brake system and battery system light came on. Driving it to mechanic SSPS and all the dash lights came on, but flickered. Nothing stay on solid. I turned around an got it home were it now will not start.

Taking suggestions and ofers.
I am in Norcross, GA. Email is brandypup at gmail dot com.

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