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Hi. Hope somebody can help.
I recently changed the engine in my missis 2004 alto as the head gasket had gone.
While the engine was out i changed the water pump and cambelt on the new engine. I put it all back together and started it. It was running like a bag of s**t. Eml light flashing. Read the fault codes and it said misfire on cylinders 2 and 4. I thought it could be the cambelt 1 tooth out so i adjusted it and it still like it tried it moving it the other way and still no joy. So put it back to how i had it first time. Bottom timing mark dead on. The top 1 is about half a tooth forward of the mark which is how it was when i took the old belt off.
I changed the spark plugs and the misfire on cylinder 2 has stopped but its still doing it on cylinder 4.
Could the spark timing be out? I noticed there is a distributor type thing on the end of the head that can be adjusted. Havent touched it yet as it should be ok. Its really bugging me now. Anybody have any suggestions? All help much appreciated.

Hope somebody can help.
Thanks in advance
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