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I don't know the real color, kind of a black metallic? 135,000 miles on odometer.

Here's the story:

I had head cleaned and pressure tested at a place called 'heads up' they are known for their good work, no troubles found, head perfectly flat and clean with a four thousandth pass.

New water pump, new idlers, new timing belt, engine compartment looks new.

Good trans, shifts very well, engine runs smooth.

With all the money and effort spent in finding the coolant leak, there's still moisture out the tailpipe.

Oil stays perfectly clean, zero codes, everything works, sunroof tight and dry.

The body has a few small dings, but it looks new from a few feet away, it's just too nice to take to the crusher.

The top of the engine block looked really good, but I did not use dye to look for a crack, the water is leaking from someplace, but where?

Car has very recent brakes all the way around, rotors look perfect. Interior is good, but a few round small burn holes (from cigs?) in the back seat.

Stock Mag styled wheels and tires are VERY good. Clean title.

Car is in Covington Washington State. Feel free to make an offer...
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