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Hello all!

I've been coming here for info for my 03 Aerio for a couple years. I've been driving it since 2005. It's taken me all over the country many times.

It runs, just isn't much to look at these days. It's the red one with the little spoiler.

She has 225k miles, A/C blows nice and cold, with a recently replaced resistor so now it runs all the speeds.

I am in no hurry to get rid of it. I just bought a 2009 SX4 Crossover Tech, so obviously I love my Suzukis.

I mostly had professionals work on this car, and I am looking to be more hands-on with the SX4.

It needs some things...a general tune-up(, fluids flushed, belt-weatherstrip on windows (found source on here)

I have some spare parts, like new front struts I never got around to putting on. Would be better with them on. New front end Bra. Covers some scratches and small dents in the bumper.

I have a full spare rim.

New front tires on the car. New radiator on the car. New O2 sensor. New ignition lock cylinder. 5,000 miles on the serpentine belt, brand new valve gasket cover.

I'm going to Germany for 3 weeks this summer. My plan is to come back and start doing some maintenance on it...replacing rotors/brake pads/fluids/plugs...etc..might paint it like I just did the hood (as a test).

Obviously the price would be better for you if you want it before I put work into it.

If interested we can exchange info. I don't have an asking price yet. Just putting this out there to see if it would get a bite.
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