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Hey all,

It's been fun, but I believe the season of Tracker ownership has come to an ugly end for me...

It's been real and it's been fun, but it hasn't been really fun... :)

Any way...

I've posted the vehicle on craigslist and here's the link if anyone is interested....

2001 Chevy Tracker (Wrecked) 2.0L Engine!!!

I recently transplanted a low mileage 2.0L Suzuki engine due to timing failure of the old one... (I purchased the car broken last winter with plans to fix it for my wife to drive... It's been a great little ride for over a year now...)

I missed a red light in on Monday and got t-boned...! (Sucks, but I was able to drive it home, over 100 miles after the accident...) It drove fine...

It's a real shame, everything works on this car... (Except for the passenger side doors... See pictures on craigslist ad...)

Just let me know if you want to buy the car... Respond on craigslist....



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Your Craig's listing is gone, so we no longer know the location of your parts. :rolleyes:
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